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What You Should Know About Working in the Oil and Gas Industry

There are many jobs in the oil and gas industry. These range from exploration of oil, drilling, and refining it. In fact, the oil and gas industry is one of the largest industries. Moreover, it is also quite controversial because of the environmental impact and remoteness of the oil fields.

As you know, oil and gas are quite important when it comes to manufacturing different products, producing electricity, heating buildings, and even fuelling automobiles. If you are planning to start a career in this field, there are many angles you can take.

Careers in the Oil and Gas Industry

petroleum engineerFrom geologists to engineers to human resources staff, companies in this sector need graduates with a variety of interests and skills. Also, they need a workforce from different backgrounds. For instance, you can work as a chef in an oil rig or a pharmacist undertaking research. These are some of the diverse careers in the oil and gas sector.

Drilling Engineer

A drilling engineer plays a great role in the petroleum industry. The engineer is mainly tasked with efficient and safe drilling of wells to extract oil and gas. Therefore, as an engineer, your role is to supervise, plan, and develop operations required for the drilling of oil and gas. For instance, you are involved from design to abandonment of a well. Also, you are in charge of costing.

Energy Engineer

The energy engineer is tasked with the production of energy by utilizing natural resources. Your role as an energy engineer is to find clean, innovative, and efficient ways of supplying energy. You will be tasked with the design and testing of machinery, coming up with ways of improving the energy production process, and research.

Engineering Geologist

The engineering geologist uses technical analysis of the rock, soil, and natural conditions, to determine the possibility of geological hazards. In this way, you can determine whether the site is good for construction or not. Moreover, you will need to identify the geological factors that play part.

Mining Engineer

working in oil and gasThe role of a mining engineer is to ensure there is an efficient and safe use of mines. You need to understand the effects of different structures and have management and technical knowledge. As a mining engineer, you are involved in different stages and before developing a new site, you need to determine its viability. Moreover, you are in charge of the mining production and rehabilitation process.